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Picket Fences - An Introduction To Our Fence Paling Designs

While we produce four basic designs we can, within reason, produce just about any design you may require. So if you would like your own design then please contact us.

Unlike most suppliers our timber is high quality soft wood normally, Douglas Fir or Canadian red wood. We source from a local estate which is managed under environmental conditions where they have their own sawmill and finish to our requirement of planed to size; or smooth sawn. Not nominal/smaller as is often supplied to the fencing and building trade..

Spacing width for palings is usually 50 per cent of the widest paling.
We supply the palings in three grades.

  1. Unfinished, plain wood, planed all round ready to be painted or stained in an appropriate colour.
  2. Smooth sawn ideal to be stained in an appropriate colour.
  3. Green tanalised smooth sawn which require no further treatment.

Please note that the wood finish shown on the examples on these pages is computer generated and included for illustrative purposes only. Also some angles on the paling heads may have a small radius due to the technicalities of machining.

Wood Used By The Picket Fencing Industry

There are many species of wood used to construct fences. Different wood can be used for different types of fences but information about Wood Used To Build Fences (Types of wood, Environmental, General Fencing) if freely available through the web.

At Rapier Products we tend to use planed all round softwood from sustainable sources.
We cannot always specify the actual species as there are many such softwoods and it tends to be any good quality softwood our timber supplier has in stock.

Alternatively we can produce the paling shapes in any generally available wood required – hard or soft. Naturally the species, particularly hardwood, would rule the final cost.

We supply our palings unfinished. That is in plain wood for our customer to paint of stain. Again to offer a range of finishes would require extensive stocking and increase the cost

We Also Supply Fences For Future Rooms France

We have been supplying fences for garden office manufacturer future rooms in France to see their website www.futurerooms.fr