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Picket Fences - Special Picket Fence Orders

Special Picket Fence Orders

Information about ability to build custom picket fence designs for people goes here.

Individual Picket Fence Head Design

Should you require a paling with the head, made to your design, or in hardwood, please send an outline drawing to ray@rapier-pr.co.uk – indicating the following.

  • Explain the first section of the repeat of the design sequence of palings 
    ie design/width, spacing, design/width, spacing etc; but finishing up the sequence with spacing prior to the repeat of the design.
  • Verify spacing – particularly if variable
  1. Total length of fence to the nearest full metre
  2. Height of fence – 1m, 1.5 m, 2m
  3. Species of timber

We will then send you a computer generated copy of that design for your approval. Once that has been agreed we will advise you of the number of palings, cost and potential delivery date. If that is acceptable we will confirm delivery date and expect payment with order.