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Picket Fences - Our First Designer Picket Fence

Every story has a beginning and every company grows out of an idea and a perceived need.
Rapier’s fence palings grew from an embryonic idea because we did not want the basic boring pointed, round and flat topped palings, so, with a practical background, I designed and made my own.

For several years I considered designing and marketing a range of fence palings as an alternative to the ‘standard three’ but other interests meant that it was mentally retained on the ‘back burner’

Eventually the idea of offering a range of unusual paling designs, in good quality timber, with which a picket fence, and gates, could be created, to reflect personal individuality, became too great to ignore.

Research indicated that there was nothing like I envisaged, available in the UK. So eventually, it became now or never. The website was designed, and fence palings from the Rapier Products Ltd became available on-line.

We, as far as can be ascertained, are the only company in the UK offering a range of designer paling heads, from which individually designed picket fences, and matching gates, can be created, supplied in good quality planed finish or smooth sawn softwood, purchased from a local estate sawmill which has a strong environmentally sustainable policy.

We hope you enjoy our site.

Our First Designer Picket Fence
Our First Designer Picket Fence