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Picket Fences - All You Need To Know About Fences

Types of Fence
Until now it has been any style of fence paling is available providing it is round, pointed or flat. But now Rapier is breaking new ground with fence palings based on four registered paling head designs, Arrow, Candle, Bishop and Bollard – or heads to your own design.
Treating Fences
Fence palings presently available from DIY and Garden centres are mainly rough sawn and/or pre treated in brown or green. Rapier provides untreated planed all round palings which can be painted or treated with a coloured preservative to your own choice.
General Legal Aspects of Fence Construction

This is more difficult to advise on as there may be local regulations in effect in respect of fences. This may be particularly applicable in regard to estates. But in most cases a fence lower than 1 m does not normally require Planning Authority or other permission.
Generally, as explained above, if you are replacing an existing fence you do not require any permission. Also any complaints about your fence have to be made within four years of its erection.

While some authorities accept most colours some are reticent to see anything other than green or brown. Experience has shown that discussion and perseverance can pay off.

And More
If you have basic practical skills erecting a fence is not that difficult. There are many books on the subject but even better are the following web sites which are very comprehensive.
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