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Picket Fences - Dorset

Welcome to www.picket-fences.co.uk. We are a UK company with the aim of creating unique high quality picket fences for your garden.

As far as we are aware we are the only UK company offering an exclusive range of paling head designs. We can supply high quality picket fence palings to Dorset.

Arrow Picket Fence Paling Bishop Picket Fence Paling Bollard Picket Fence Paling Candle Picket Fence Paling Round Topped Fence Paling
Arrow Picket Fence Paling Design Bishop Picket Fence Paling Design Bollard Picket Fence Paling Design Candle Picket Fence Paling Design Round Topped
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We offer 3 different grades of picket fence palings.

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