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Welcome to the web site with the newest idea in picket fences.

These can be in front of the property, round ‘protected’ areas such as swimming pools or a feature in the garden, But wherever you use Rapier’s picket fence palings they will add individuality of design and create distinctiveness of your property.

We offer palings from top quality softwood from home grown sustainable sources The design of the paling heads are cut to order to ensure quality. While this means that while we cannot compete with the low prices paid for basic pointed, round or flat topped rough sawn palings, available from many DIY outlets, we more than compete on quality and different design.

Quality Picket Fences

You not only want you picket fence to last. You want it to look good in the years to come. Why spend money on beautiful flowers, hard paving or timber decking and spoil the effect with cheap fencing. Check the thickness and surface finish in your local DIY or garden centre. Then contact us and we will send a sample of our timber.

While we cannot compete with the picket fence paling prices of DIY and garden centres; we more than compete on quality and unusual design. While this makes our product more expensive it more than compensates in exclusivity of design, quality and performance.

There is much to describe in respect of the grades we offer as standard. If you cannot find the detail under one of the headings then contact us.

Rapier Picket Fences Paling Designs

Arrow Paling Bishop Paling Bollard Paling Candle Paling Round Topped
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We offer 3 different grades of picket fence.